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Stone Deaf Kliptonite Distortion Pedal 

Stone Deaf
Stone Deaf Kliptonite Distortion Pedal

Stone Deaf Kliptonite Distorter

Kliptonite is a true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation, sporting both a smooth and bluesy overdrive circuit as well as a rippin’ velcro fuzz, letting you go from mild to wild, simply at the stomp of a switch. Plus with the Mirror Mix, you can blend the two circuits for a wide variety of sane and insane tones.

Now add in pin-point precise tone control via the Paracentric EQ, as well as on-the-fly tone sculpting or foot-controlled phaser and wah sounds via the optional Stone Deaf EP-1 active expression pedal and you have one of the coolest and most versatile dirt device currently on the market.

Price: $340.00
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