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Kemper Profiling Amplifier Powerrack Rack Mount Version

The Kemper Profiler Powerrack is the all-in-one solution for electric guitar and bass. It's a multi-effect-processor, preamp and optional poweramp. Due to its high connectivity it fits perfect to all purposes, no matter if you're playing live, at home or in the studio.

With 600 Watt Poweramp

With the advent of the Kemper Profiler, everything has changed. For the first time in history, guitar players are free to create the most individual tones, reflecting the very essence of their playing style, and then capture these exact sounds into the digital domain with Kemper's unique technology.

Profiling is a unparalleled technique to extract the exact tone and feel from any amp. The entire process takes you only a minute and can be performed on virtually every guitar and bass amp. A profile does not only capture the amp itself but every aspect of the cabinet and microphone configuration as well. The result is as living, vivid and dynamic as the original amps. A mandatory A/B comparison is done after every profiling run ensures the unique authenticity of the profile: So close that you won’t be able to distinguish from the original.

Kemper use proprietary digital technology to analyze the sonic DNA of your amp. As a result, you can go beyond what’s possible with the original amp and tweak everything to your liking. Use the gain control and equalizer in a regular fashion to adapt the sound to your guitar. Add power sagging to the distortion and tweak the power of your pick attack without compression. Or exchange the cabinet later on.

The Profiler gives you more freedom of choice than any other real or virtual amp available.

Profiles you take in session while tracking your next song perfectly work on stage when you tour the songs you've recorded earlier on. It was never easier to have a unique and consistent tone in every situation.

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