Samson Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone MTR231A 

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Samson Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone MTR231A
Samson MTR231 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

Multi-Pattern 1" dual large gold-sputtered diaphragm condenser microphone that blends affordability with quality and flexibility.

Samson's MTR231 is perfect for capturing vocal performances in the studio. The microphone's select able  pickup patterns make it a versatile tool, capable of handling a variety of vocal miking techniques. It's cardioid pattern lends itself well to traditional, front-on vocal performances where excellent rear-rejection is needed. When tracking an ensemble of singers, the omnidirectional setting can be utilized with performers standing around the microphone. This allows you to capture multiple sources with the one mic as well as the ambiance of the room. Lastly, the bidirectional pattern works great  to isolate two sound sources, such as in interviews or duo performances when only one mic is available.

Not only limited to capturing singers, the MTR231 is also cable of handling SPL's as high as 144dB. Meaning it not only works exceptionally well as a vocal microphone, but also for loud instruments with high transients such as brass instruments, drums or electric guitar cabinets.

Key Features:

  • Dual large, 1" gold-sputtered diaphragm studio condenser microphone
  • Three select able pickup patterns – cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional
  • Smooth, extended frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz
  • Low self-noise, wide dynamic range perfect for recording
  • Handles high SPLs of up to 144dB
  • 10db attenuation switch
  • Internally shock-mounted capsule reduces handling noise and external vibrations
  • Rugged die cast construction
  • Includes pop filter, shockmount and carry case

Samson’s MTR231 is the perfect solution for anyone looking at getting a highly versatile studio microphone kit at a reasonable price, without sacrificing quality of sound. 

Price: $349.00

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Samson Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone MTR231A Samson Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone MTR231A Samson Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone MTR231A
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