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PRS Guitars

PRS Guitars have arrived at Music Express!

Paul Smith: "We don't do something just because that's the traditional way. If the best possible guitar results from using a robot for one procedure and a lot of hand-sanding or hand-inlaying for another, then that's how we do it. Our tradition is a by product of our quality, so excellence is always the goal. We never lose sight of that."

PRS we're so excited hope you are too

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Paul Reed Smith Guitars

The S2 Singlecut Standard's warm, woody tone and focused midrange make this guitar a solid choice for players of all styles and set ups. The solid-mahogany body and clear pickups combine to give this guitar a strong fundamental platform that can easily find its place in the mix. The classic control layout features volume and push/pull tone controls for each pickup, so players can access authentic single coil sounds in addition to strong, punchy humbucker tones.


SE Santana PRS: Guitar World Review

The SE Santana already sounds loud and lively when unplugged, with the tremolo springs providing a slight amount of reverb-like resonance. Those tones improve when the guitar is plugged in. While the SE Santana almost perfectly nails Carlos Santana's signature lead tone, it also produces addictive hard rock crunch rhythm tones and fat, punchy funk chords. The humbuckers' output level is just s lightly hotter than a classic PAF, providing a good balance of clarity, definition and aggression. You can hear each individual note in a chord, but when you start to solo, it seems like single notes magically become fatter. Read the full review
Here is just a taste of some of the awesome PRS gear now at Music Express:

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I brought the Yamaha DTX450 and seriously Dan was amazing. He really looked after me with service and he knew his product.

Jen J. - Drummer (Gold Coast)